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For Service Providers

Do you have what it takes to be a Cybex Factory Authorized Service Provider?

Cybex International is an industry leader in commercial fitness equipment. We pride ourselves on providing service that will delight our customers - customers who have shown they demand the best by purchasing Cybex fitness equipment. Our network of independent service providers exemplifies the Cybex standards: a high level of technical expertise plus a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction.

Cybex Service Provider Ideals:
  • High degree of technical expertise
  • Existing profitable service business with a professional team in place
  • Commitment to recruit and train a dedicated technical staff
  • Commitment to buy a minimum stock of parts

If you’re ready to experience the profitable growth opportunities of a Cybex Independent Service Provider, please complete the Service Provider Application.


The commercial fitness industry has experienced compound, double-digit annual growth over the past decade. Global economists predict future growth based on the demographics of an aging world population, rising obesity, and spiraling health care costs. In addition to high upside potential, the fitness industry is considered stable with low downside risk and less exposure to swings in the economy. An industry with an exciting future.

If you have a service/repair business, and want to expand into the fitness industry, consider applying to Cybex to become a factory authorized service provider