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Cybex Research Institute

The Cybex Research Institute, the research arm of Cybex, investigates both existing products and future concepts to ensure designs are optimized for the best fitness results and educates the public and trainers on the safe and effective use of Cybex machines.
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Cybex Research Institute Faculty

The goals of the Cybex Research Institute staff are unique to Cybex. By providing the science for new products, by leading the fitness industry in exercise research and education, and by delivering outstanding programming to club operators and consumers alike, CRI has no parallel among our competitors. It is the Cybex commitment to science that is critical to producing the finest exercise equipment in the world.

Truth on Fitness

The Cybex Research Institute examines a variety of fitness topics, presenting credible basic science and evidence-based conclusions that help readers make smart decisions about their own fitness methods and practices.

Research Findings

The primary responsibility of the Cybex Research Institute is to investigate both future concepts and existing products to ensure designs are optimized to produce the desired results for users.

Exercise Analysis

The Cybex Research Institute takes a scientific look at some common, and some not so common exercises. A biomechanical analysis examines the forces, joint torques, and movement strategies associated with each movement.

Workshops & Courses

Cybex takes Fitness Pro Education to the next level with a wide range of advanced courses designed to help qualified personal trainers build their knowledge and elevate their skills.


Working relationships with exercise research oriented universities around the globe expand our research capability and, as a manufacturer, we have the unique ability to immediately put that knowledge to work.